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San Antonio Junk Removal

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About Our Junk Removal Company

WE HEART JUNK is an on-demand junk removal and trash pick up service in the Greater San Antonio area.

We Heart Junk is a  locally owned and operated business right here in San Antonio. We are not a national franchise, but a small home grown business.  We strive for not only the most competitive trash pickup pricing in the area, but the most outstanding customer service.  At We Heart Junk we think the entrepreneurial sprit is alive and well in San Antonio, Texas and are proud to be part of the local business community.

When you call We Heart Junk you will either be talking to the owner or a highly trained employee.  No call centers or phone trees.  Your emails are answered by professionals working in the field who know exactly where you are located and how long it will take to get there.

Call 210-284-2413 or Click Here for more info.


about us people

Ian and Mike the owner and management team at We Heart Junk.  The company is in good hands!