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San Antonio Junk Removal

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Fun Junk Removal Stuff

Fun San Antonio Junk Removal Stuff

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San Antoino Hoarder Cleanup

hoarder trash clean up, san antonio junk hauling

Kevin on a San Antonio Hoarding Cleanup


We did a hoarder junk removal job in San Antonio a few months back.  the house was full of rotten food, rats, feces, and all kinds of other trash and junk we’d rather not think about.  This house was completely full of hoarder clutter.  It took 7 full trucks to clean out but We Heart Junk got all the trash hauled away in just 2 days.

Junk Haulers Save Turtle From Traffic Near Converse TX, Get Peed on.


The We Heart Junk guys save a turtle from the road.  The turtle had a surprise for us.

Junk Removal Guys Get Attacked by Rat

On a San Antonio trash hauling job a big rat jumped out from some of the junk we were hauling away and tried to run up Tonito’s leg.