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How to Remove Carpet – Carpet Removal Tips

Carpet Removal DIY

If you are planning on replacing your old, worn out carpet, chances are you can save some money by tearing it out yourself.  Carpet removal can be fairly simple do it yourself job.  Check out the info below for simple carpet removal.  For the non do it your selfer, We Heart Junk will do all of these steps for you.



Items You’ll Need

  • Box Knife
  • Extra box knife blades
  • Pliers
  • Crow Bar
  • Masking Tape
  • Dust Mask
  • Hammer
  1. Vacuum carpet to remove dust.  Wear your dust mask to keep from inhaling dust.
  2. Pull up carpet.  Start in the corner of the room and pull it off of the tack strip.  Grab the fabric with pliers for easy pulling.
  3. Use your box/utility knife to cut carpet into manageable 3-4 foot strips.  Cut the strips from one wall to another.  If that is too long to be manageable, cut into shorter strips.  Take care not to cut too deep or you will damage the carpet padding or wood floors underneath.
  4. Roll-up the strip of cut carpet and hold the roll together with masking or duct tape.
  5. Continue to cut and roll your carpet strips until all of your carpet is removed.
  6. If there is carpet padding under the carpet that you wish to remove, cut it into strips just like you did to the carpet above it.
  7. Pull up the tack strip will a crow bar and hammer.  Place the edge of the pry bar under a nail, then hit the bar with the hammer to wedge it into place.  Then pry the nail out of the floor with your crow bar
  8. Your local trash removal service will likely not haul off old carpet, but a carpet removal professional like We Heart Junk – your San Antonio Junk Removal Service – will be able to handle your carpet removal needs easily.  They will even pull up, cut and remove your carpet from the house.

Carpet Removal Tips & Warnings

  • Your box knife blades will get dull quickly.  Replace them often.  Cutting with a dull blade can be dangerous.
  • Specially designed carpet cutting blades can be found at your local hardware store, and will make your job easier.
  • The tack strip is very sharp.  Be careful.
  • If your carpet is glued to the subfloor, you will need to soften the glue with mineral spirits.
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