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Junk Removal Service or Trash Service?

Junk Removal Service or Trash Service?

People are often confused about the differences between an junk removal service and a trash removal service.  I am often confused if Britney Spears has junk in the trunk, or if she is just trash. (No offense Britney fans)  Really, junk and trash mean almost the same thing, but there are differences.  First lets break down the definitions of the works.  The online Merriam Webster Dictionary describes the word JUNK:

Definition of JUNK

1: pieces of old cable or cordage used especially to make gaskets, mats, swabs, or oakum
2a (1) : old iron, glass, paper, or other waste that may be used again in some form (2) : secondhand, worn, or discarded articles (3) : clutter 1b b : something of poor quality : trash c : something of little meaning, worth, or significance
3slang : narcotics; especially : heroin
5: baseball pitches that break or are off-speed (as curveballs or changeups)
junky \ˈjəŋ-kē\ adjective

Origin of JUNK

Middle English jonke


First Known Use: 14th century
OK.  Now lets take a look at the definition of TRASH:

Definition of TRASH

1trash noun \ˈtrash\

1: something worth little or nothing: as a : junk, rubbish b (1) : empty talk : nonsense (2) : inferior or worthless writing or artistic matter (as a television show); especially : such matter intended purely for sensational entertainment (3) : trash talk
2: something in a crumbled or broken condition or mass; especially : debris from pruning or processing plant material
3: a worthless person; also : such persons as a group : riffraff

Examples of TRASH

  1. Take out the trash, please.
  2. I put the dirty diaper in the trash.
  3. I can’t believe you’re reading that trash.
  4. She thinks that they’re all trash.

Origin of TRASH

Middle English trasch fallen leaves and twigs, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian dialect trask rubbish; Old Norse tros fallen leaves and twigs, Old English trus 

First Known Use: circa 1518

Junk relates to something that was once a usable product, but is now rendered useless.  Like an old oven, that once worked and held value, but now is dilapidated and has lost all or most of its redeemable value.  Junk can be an old car, a broken down refrigerator, furniture that has lost all value, etc.

Trash on the other hand, is often a bi-product of some consumable good, like what is leftover after sandwich is consumed.  Or John Edwards.  That is the last bad celebrity joke I will make.

Junk Removal Service or Trash Service?

The difference between a junk removal service and a trash service is similar to the difference in the meaning of the words.  For the most part, a trash service takes away the trash you produce on a daily basis.  This can be your cooking scraps, paper towels, wrappers, etc.  None of these items were ever meant to be worth much.  These items tend to be small and people produce enough of it to demand a weekly trash service.

A junk removal service specializes in hauling away more bulky items, that at one time may have been worth something, but now are just considered junk.  They will also haul away trash, usually when the amount of trash is so great that the trash service will not take it.

There you go, if you ever had any doubts about the difference between a junk removal service and a trash service now you know.  Maybe you didn’t even know junk removal services existed.  Now you do.

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